About Us

Muscles & Mane™ is an one-size fits ALL community. We celebrate HEALTH, HAIR and LIFE for everyone!  We provide quality products that are trend-conscious statement pieces at an affordable price. Our selection is packed with variety to change up your casual lifestyle. 
JUST A LITTLE NOTE                                                                                               
Muscles & Mane™ was established in 2015 exclusively focusing on cultivating healthy bodies and hair. For several years, I avoided exercise for fear that working out would ruin my hair. I felt forced to choose between my health and my hair. After putting my health first, I discovered that I can do both. I became a Certified Fitness Instructor dedicating time to helping people with their health journey. I also transitioned to a natural hair lifestyle and began making workouts part of my beauty routine - for the healthier the body, the healthier the hair.                               
Once I became a mother, I decided to take the company to the next level and use my platform to focus on being mentally and physically well - using my mantra of being healthy is a LIFESTYLE not an OPTION!
My role as a MOM has definitely been a grounding force by reminding me of what matters most as I navigate the ups and downs of life. You have one life - CELEBRATE IT!